The Definitive Guide to build up

The Definitive Guide to build up

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the coaching and practice that constitutes the preparing for a particular function or competition: the crew's Olympic build-up

增強,加強;增大 Stress is building up in between The 2 communities. 兩個社區之間的關係日趨緊張。

three[countable, normally singular] a really favourable and enthusiastic description of something which will almost certainly happen, that is meant to create folks enthusiastic about it The media has given the present a big buildup.

Clever Vocabulary: related words and phrases and phrases Expanding and intensifying -ify accretion accumulate accumulative accumulatively include gas to the fireplace idiom blaze crank increasing growingly heighten very hot up inflation mushroom ratchet something up/down re-escalate re-escalation arrive at a crescendo redouble stake See a lot more benefits »

of negative credit score include things like plans for banking companies to swap loans for fairness stakes in providers. From Bloomberg In this way, volcanism demonstrates the build

/ˌhɪp.ə.kræt̬.ɪk ˈoʊθ/ a assure made by individuals after they come to be Medical practitioners to do every thing feasible that can help their people and to possess higher moral specifications of their get the job done

2to make a little something increased or more robust than it was prior to the border defenses have been developed up to ensure that this kind of disaster is not going to strike yet again.

to develop or progress a person or anything into a particular [appealing] sort of man or woman or thing. The publicity people today constructed her up into a singer whom Absolutely everyone seemed ahead to Listening to. The agent created up the area band right into a top countrywide act.

to praise something or somebody in a way that can impact persons's viewpoints; to help make anyone sense extra assured:

build by yourself approximately a little something Phrasal verbs

1. To develop or boost one thing in stages or by degrees: I am building up my endurance for the massive race by running every single day. We constructed build up the family organization up more than many years.

Marilyn joined the coed Affiliation to build up her resume and gain precious Management practical experience.

The corporation pointed out that the sensor's applications consist of monitoring of hydrogen concentrations in fuel cells, leak detection through the transportation and storage of hydrogen, industrial method gasoline checking and sensing hydrogen build ups in the lead acid storage batteries.

Browse building society building trade building trades buildings and contents insurance plan buildup built constructed environment crafted-in constructed-in/planned obsolescence phrase #randomImageQuizHook.isQuiz Exam your vocabulary with our enjoyment impression quizzes

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